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This media will be a means of exchanging research findings and scientific study ideas.&nbsp;Jrm his a single-blind, peer-reviewed, open access journal.</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><img src="/public/site/images/admin/WhatsApp_Image_2022-12-21_at_09.19_.35_.jpg" width="218" height="76">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</a><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><img src="/public/site/images/admin/450px-Index-copernicus-logo3.png" width="266" height="81"></a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Lembaga Sembilan Tiga Community en-US Journal of Research and Multidisciplinary 2622-9536 Quality Education, An Important Lesson For Challenging The Growth Of Society On The Perspective Of Christianity In Rongmei Community <p><em>Quality Education is an important factor in each and every human society where they are found. Education has most often been regarded as the spine of development. It is a challenging task for the growth of society. This work is mentioned from the contributions of Christianity and Rongmei in schooling in Rongmei tribe of Manipur. The paper analyses the quality of education on self -questionnaire as there is no reliable source. The data was analyse using Hinton (2004) cronbach’s alpha value (.5). If the number is greater or crosses the cut alpha of Hinton, quality education maintain among the Rongmei. Descriptive statistics, item scale and ANOVA were determined to find the result of quality education. Moreover, the data was positively significant as there is a Christianity follower, quality educations also maintain. Therefore, it is large in learn about for a perception into the function and responsibilities of religion towards education. In the case of Rongmei community, like other tribes, they have an effect on of faith on (formal) education has immensely ensured the development of individual lives, communities and traditional institutions in all the levels.</em></p> <p><sup><sub>&nbsp;</sub></sup></p> Panmei Peter ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-09-30 2023-09-30 6 2 722 734 10.5281/jrm.v6i2.66 The Effectiveness of Critical Discourse-Based Writing Teaching Materials for Growing Student Nationalist Character in Higher Institutions <p>This study aims to determine the effectiveness of writing teaching materials based on critical discourse for growing the character of student nationalism in higher institutions. This kind of research is development research. Sugiyono (2010: 407) states that development research is commonly called Research and Development (R&amp;D), using the Thiagarajan 4-D development model. The teaching materials developed are writing teaching materials based on critical discourse to foster the character of student nationalism in higher institutions. Effectiveness data were obtained from students pre-test and post-test learning outcomes before and after using essential discourse-based writing materials in growing the character of nationalism in higher institutions. The data collection technique used to determine the effectiveness of teaching materials is to provide tests of students mastery of writing learning materials based on critical discourse. The analysis technique used is descriptive qualitative. Data on student learning outcomes analyzed by N-Gain showed an increase in students writing skills in higher institutions before and after treatment. The results of this study indicate that writing teaching materials based on critical discourse to growing the nationalism character of students in higher institutions is effectively implemented. The results are obtained based on the effectiveness test of teaching materials by conducting the N-Gain test. From the results of the N-Gain Score test, a score of 0.6 was brought based on dividing the N-Gain score category into the “medium” category with values ranging from 0.3 &lt;g&gt; 0.7. While the percentage value is 60%, based on the estimated percentage category N Gain is included in the “effective enough”&nbsp; category with a range of 56-75%.</p> Supriadi Supriadi Jufri Jufri Sultan Sultan ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-09-30 2023-09-30 6 2 735 748 10.5281/jrm.v6i2.80 Community Perception of Traditionsas a Mattoana Arajang <p>This article presents an exploration of community perceptions surrounding the Arajang tradition as a carpet, with a focus on the Mulamenree Village community in the Ulaweng District, Bone Regency. The research employs a qualitative methodology, grounded in both anthropological and sociological frameworks. Data collection is facilitated through various instruments, including structured interview guides, systematic observation protocols, and documented records.</p> <p>The primary sources of data for this study consist of the Mulamenree Village community members and descendants associated with the Arajang tradition as a carpet. The gathered data are subsequently subjected to a comprehensive qualitative data analysis model, comprising three distinct phases: data reduction, data presentation, and the formulation of substantive conclusions.</p> <p>The research findings illuminate the intricate stages involved in the transformation of Arajang into a carpet within the Mulamenree Village context. These stages include the preparatory phase, the execution of the Arajang tradition as a carpet, and the culmination marked by the ceremonial significance of the Arajang artifact.</p> <p>Moreover, the community's collective perspective on the mattoana Arajang tradition in Mulamenree Village underscores its enduring nature, passed down intergenerationally. Arajang is revered as a sacred and cherished royal relic, with the tradition serving as an essential evidential expression of deep-seated appreciation.</p> <p>The positive impacts stemming from the Arajang tradition encompass enhanced gratitude, an elevated awareness of powers beyond human agency, and the reinforcement of social cohesion. Conversely, potential negative consequences may emerge, such as socioeconomic disparities among participants and the risk of idolatrous behavior when some individuals consider these traditions to surpass their devotion to Allah SWT.</p> Sarifa Suhra Jumriani Jumriani Jumriani Jumriani Rahmatunnair Rahmatunnair Suhadi Suhadi Andi Tahir ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-09-30 2023-09-30 6 2 749 761 10.5281/jrm.v6i2.83 Digital Literacy-Based Reciprocal Teaching Learning Model on Indonesian Learning Outcomes <p>One way to improve the quality of education through information technology is to implement digital culture in schools. The study was conducted to see the effect of&nbsp; the digital knowledge-based <em>reciprocal teaching</em> model&nbsp; on Indonesian learning outcomes. This research is&nbsp; a <em>quasi-experimental </em>&nbsp;research with <em>a nonequivalent control group design. </em>The population is grade VI students of SD Negeri Parang Tambung 1 Makassar City with a sample of 36 students based on <em>Isaac </em>and <em>Michael's table</em>. Observation, documentation and tests as data collection techniques. The data analysis technique uses a t test with the condition that it meets the normality and homogeneity tests. The results showed a significant influence of reciprocal teaching <em>learning models </em>based on digital literacy on Indonesian learning outcomes. This can be seen from the hypothesis test obtained 0.021 so that the value of <em>sig</em>. (2tailed) &lt; 0.05. The implementation of the learning process using <em>a reciprocal teaching&nbsp; model </em>based on digital literacy in grade VI students of SD Negeri Parang Tambung 1 Makassar City is said to be good. This is seen from the activeness and independence of students during the learning process, increasing student learning outcomes and seen from the implementation of aspects observed on the obervasi sheet in learning.</p> Wahyullah Alannasir ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-09-30 2023-09-30 6 2 762 769 10.5281/jrm.v6i2.82 Development of Design, Explain, Development, And Evaluation-Project Based Learning (DEDEn-PjBL) Model in Stimulating Children's Creativity <p><em>This research is research and development which aims to describe the level of need, prototype description, validity, practicality and effectiveness of the Design, Explain, Development, and Evaluation - Project Based Learning (PjBL) model in stimulating early childhood creativity. Data collection techniques through observation, interviews, and questionnaires. Data analysis techniques using descriptive and inferential data analysis. The research procedure begins with the investigation, design, realization, and test-evaluation-revision phases. The description of the needs analysis results shows that teachers need practical and effective learning models to stimulate children's creativity. The prototype description in the form of a model book and teacher's manual has been improved three times based on the input of expert validators and practitioners. It produces the DEDEn-PjBL model that can stimulate children's creativity. The results of the content validity test and the device's validity for all aspects are in the minimal category of "valid," so the DEDEn-PjBL model in stimulating children's creativity is declared valid. The results of the practicality test through the teacher's response questionnaire for all aspects are in the minimal category of "good," and the instrument for observing the implementation of the model shows that the average percentage of all aspects for five meetings is P &gt;70% so that the DEDEn-PjBL model in stimulating children's creativity is declared practical. The effectiveness test results began with analyzing the pretest and post-test score data, which increased from the "low" to "very high" category. The data tested for normality with pretest results of 0.067 &gt; Sig. 0.05 and posttest results in 0.081 &gt; Sig. 0.05 so that the data is "normally distributed" after a hypothesis test, which shows the result t<sub>count</sub> (14.714) &gt; t<sub>table</sub> (2.145), H<sub>0</sub> rejected, and H<sub>1</sub> accepted with a value of Sig. 0.00 &gt; 0.05, which indicates that there is an influence of the DEDEn-PjBL model in stimulating children's creativity. The next step is the result of the mean N Gain Score is 0.7188 in the "high" category and a percentage value of 71.88% in the "quite effective" category. The N Gain test results show that the DEDEn-PjBL model is "quite effective" in stimulating children's creativity.</em></p> Sadaruddin Sadaruddin Arifin Ahmad Baso Jabu Syamsuardi Syamsuardi Usman Usman Hasmawaty Hasmawaty ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-09-30 2023-09-30 6 2 770 786 10.5281/jrm.v6i2.81